Bronze Tiffany Handcrafted Table /Desk / Bedside 12″ Shade Lamp


Condition: New
Style: Tiffany Design
Type: Table Lamp
Brand: Home Supplies
Room: Living Room

Beautiful Tiffany lamps have been handed down for generations as family heirlooms, and even modern living room lamp today will be considered collector’s items some years from now. We are offering you a genuine Louis Comfort tiffany lamp in good condition, you could be onto a fortune.

Ordinary Question on the off chance that you first-time purchase Tiffany light.

WHY THE LINE LOOK ROUGH: We weld the little glass with tin and copper foil by hand, so the line on a superficial level not smooth, some likewise have a harsh hole
WHY LOOK DARK: Tiffany light fundamental for the enrichment and perusing. The stained glass show wonderful shading, however, Obstruct the light splendid enormous territory
WHY COLOR IS RUSTY: The stained glass appears as though cloud or Oil Painting, the shading is comparable yet not the same, some zone perhaps huge unique.

WHY LOOK LIKE PLASTIC: The little piece of glass has been joined together, so the Percussion is Depressing, however, glass weight is multiple times than plastic, and couldn’t be consumed by fire.

You’ll indulge in love with table decorations and lighting. The coloration and decorative qualities are second to none and Tiffany lamps add a magical sparkle to any room. Here’s a handy breakdown of our selection of tiffany lamps and lights. We welcome your purchase with us.

Why Us?

Nidda is one of the chief names in interior designed items. Nidda makes items that are adored by clients and trusted by driving inside planners and custom-home developers. Tremendous in size and simple to introduce, it will consummately coordinate with your hallways, bedrooms and we trust you will adore it.


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