Toughened Grey Tinted Glass Stair Panels – Rake and Landing Slotted Handrails



Nidda glass panels available in a range of options to transform your new or existing staircase and landing.

The Nidda glass panel range will add beautiful character and a warm feel to your home. Allowing natural light to flow through the room .

Available in raked glass panel for stairs, and rectangle panels for landings, and also available is the Infill end panel for landings and turns.

The Nidda glass panel system creates a stunning modern staircase.

Different shaped panels are used for the staircase and the landing.

 Handrail Groove Landing Solution Glass Panel

Nidda Rake Panel:      8mm Thickness ( 30cmx82.5cm Glass Rake Stair Panel )

Nidda Infill Panel:     8mm Thickness ( 8cmx86cm Infill Glass Landing Panel )

Nidda Landing Panel: 6mm Thickness ( 20cmx75.6cm Glass Landing Panel )

Nidda Landing Panel:      8mm Thickness  ( 30cmx86cm Glass Landing Panel )

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8x300x860 mm (TxWxH) LANDING P…, 8x80x860 mm (TxWxH) LANDING PA…, Stair Panels


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